dom U4


The U-shaped house is a building designed for a family with a wheelchair user. The entire function of the building has been designed to enable convenient communication. A disabled person…

Borki 2

Masterplan, Borki Katowice

Masterplan for land development project of nearly 20 hectares. The area was divided into five quarters. Each was given a different character. Residential space are mixed with additional functions… 



Created character of the interior is the result of, among other things, the discovery of existing openings in the internal longitudinal walls located along the corridor. The shape of the openings was used as the leitmotiv of the entire interior… 

Dąbrowa Gónicza - wnętrze 2

INTERIOR DESIGN – Dąbrowa Górnicza

The interior is having a unique character through the designed composition of solid boxes and used material…

Dom trzech brył

Three blocks house, Będzin

Trze composition of three blocks creates a single-family house that is tailored to the needs of the investor and fits into the plot. A clear compositional division corresponds to the programmed functional zones of the building…

Rozbudowa domu z lat 70

Extension of a single-family house, Katowice

The building – a cube house from the 1970s – was thoroughly rebuilt to meet the modern machines of new users. The final result was preceded by a series of construction works…

Dom zamknięty

Closed house

Functional program assigned by the client was planned in a way to take full advantage of the available space of the plot. Restrictive guidelines of the local development plan gave an unique design…

Jaworzno - dom

Single family house

Starting from the concept of a simple body of a house with a gable roof (archetype of a barn), the final result is a house with a oblique shape, which correspond with the site situation…

MPC - wnętrze


Aranżacja of the rooms reflects the profile of the IT company and was designed from the very beginning to suit the requirements of the Investor’s work. A typical open space layout was adapted to work in teams…

Topolowa - wnętrze.

Interior design

While creating the character of the interior, the existing construction elements of the house were used – brick is exposed on the walls, ackerman block is visible on the ceiling …

Rynek Janów

Rynek Janów

As part of the indicated study area, two individual zones with a different purpose were designed. The main square of the presented concept is the newly created area of ​​the Market Square. The shape of this square refers to the spaces that are typically…
Parking w Strefie Kultury

Parking w Katowicach

The design concept assumes the location of the entire car park only on a part of the plot. The development area of the designed facility does not exceed 1/3 of the available study area. The form of the object remained…

CIK Komorów

CIK Komorów

Idea for this concept is to give a maximum  immersion of the building into the space of it’s surrounding park. By minimizing – in perceptive terms – the scale of the building, the surrounding greenery is emphasized, in particular…

Wielki Piec Ruda Śląska


As far as it was possible the volume of the new buildings is merged into existing structure which gives high level of visibility of the remain elements. Most of the new building program is placed underground which allowed to creat a spatial public space…

PKP Sosnowiec - miniatura

pkp sosnowiec

The goal of this transformation was to create an undeground public space under the main road of the city centre. Ground level area in the front of railway station was changed from parking space into open square for public use…


piekarnia - miniatura 22


A small local bakery run for generations received a special refreshment for its interior. Bakery is located in Brzezinka, a district of Mysłowice…



Development of the silesian zoo garden is to create a new visitor center with different kind of animals from the cold zones of the globe such as the Arctic or Antarctica. Our project works as a collection of different overlaping areas

8486 - exposition pavilion - main view small

Exposition pavilion

The most important competition issue was to choose a right localisation for an Exposition Pavilion as well as for the Wall of Memory. This area of lower ground, a place perfectly isolated from the noise of the city, surrounded with trees and water was a perfect site…

8486 - house in the countryside - view small


Main issue was to create a house with a simple plan and function, which with its volume and used materials will match into the region of kujawsko-pomorskie province. From the outside the house has a strong image created by one material…

ZOO - miniatura


Project ZOO Proactive is created as a manifest, describing in details possibility of change for Silesia Zoo Garden, as well as for all of the Silesian Park. This area has a chance to became the main attraction not only for people living in Katowice, but for all Silesia…

dts 3d - miniatura 02.

DTS 3d

DTS 3d is a experimental project of an urban structure based on express road through Silesian Agglomeration. Empty volume above the read is used as a site for a new building. Structure is an answer for specific situation shown in Silesian cieties…

sobibór - miniatura 03

Memorial for Sobibor

The whole area of the Memorial was split with lines that form a grid with sides 15×15 meters. Intersection of the grid lines define concrete columns with a height of 3m with embossed in the concrete parameters and coordinates the words Sobibor“...

przedszkole z kontenerów - miniatura

Modular kindergarten

Our proposal represents optimal solution for creating ergonomic space for kindergarten. Compact form is based on a simple functional layout, consisting of three zones. Composition allows for collision-free expansion along the main axis of the designed object…

theatre concept - miniatura

Theatre concept

Concept considers working with variety of relationship between actor and spectator as a relevant element of space creation. Building is designed as a connection of several corridors. It gives a feeling of 3 dimensional labyrinth. No regular audience…