PUBLIC  TOILET. Vistula riverside – KOLO competition, 2010


kolaż 1



Presented project is an attempt to create a public toilet, as the object strongly related with contemporary architectural language. The building of unique aesthetics and functional is solved in a simple and user-friendly way. Our assumption was to design toilet as entrance to the beach. Using the differences of the site levels, we have placed two main program functions one over each other.
The upper part of the toilet is available from the level of the street. You can expect the biggest amount of users on this level. The entrance is accented by a buffer wall that symbolically divides the street from natural riverside areas.
Seasonal room is placed below, on the beach level. It has basic functions that are needed – dress room, showers, lockers.
By placing both functions in the configuration one over other we got rid of unwanted space. It has advantage over the buildings in which all functions are placed on the upper level. The space below becomes empty, gloomy and quite unused




kolaż 2



street level – floor plan of a toilet:rzut - poziom toalety

beach level – floor plan:rzut - poziom plaży



przekroje i elewacje



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status: competition project

year: 2010

team: Anna Struska, Henryk Struski, Marek Struski

awarded: honorable mention